We are the world's leading credit experts, and we wrote the book on true debt elimination.

We Simplify how the credit industry works

What we do

  • Reverse Foreclosures, Judgements, Garnishments, and     Bank Liens!  Stop Tax Liens,     Collections, Repossessions, and Student Loan issues!
    Zero Point Conversions so that you pay 0% on your credit cards and prime for everything else!  
    Build 800 credit scores in 3-6 months on average and then help you monetize your credit, remove excessive inquiries, and Pre-underwrite your loans so that you are never turned down again!  
    Help you to Enroll in Hardship, Loan Modification  and Deferment Programs!

  • We help business owners build perfect business credit in 120 days or less on average, then monetize that new credit with lines of credit , fleet accounts and business credit cards.
    We even have an American Express Black Card Program.

  • We provide educational resources, workshops, and courses to help individuals, businesses and organizations understand the new credit and debt system.

  • Help you collect your FCRA $1,000 cash penalties against credit bureaus, debt collectors and creditors who refuse to follow the law.

We are working on proprietary credit software learn more
At 2pm-3pm Central standard time on AM 1570 WBGX www.gospel1570.com
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How can you Eliminate 90% of your Bad Debt Legally and Permanently? Without Payment, Bankruptcy, or Debt Consolidation!

Join our groundbreaking Debt Filtration Program, a comprehensive solution that brings together the strength of 50 distinct; debt cancellation and forgiveness laws; hardship, fresh start, loan modification and deferment programs, into one easy-to-use plan. If debt filtration is a new concept to you, rest assured that you're not alone. It has long remained a well-kept secret within the industry, requiring years of expertise to navigate all 50 debt filters. Unlike other companies that possess a limited understanding these intricate systems, we have successfully used the power of the 1099C to cancel bad debt for our clients. Remember the bailouts extended to S&Ls, the Mortgage Industry, auto manufacturers, and the insurance industry? Well, the government also provides a bailout opportunity to every Americans, including noteworthy initiatives like Student Loan Forgiveness and the CARES Act, among others. Sadly, many individuals remain unaware of these advantageous programs. Let us do the work for you.

Who are we?

We are CDMI, the World’s Leading Credit Experts.

Our CEO, Dr. Michael C. Grayson, was awarded two Congressional Leadership awards. He wrote expert papers for two Presidents, “How credit impacts leading economic indicators” and testified before Congress on Access to Capital for small businesses.  In addition, he wrote the algorithm for credit restoration and that is why we have all three credit industry records. We firmly believe that financial literacy has a ripple effect, where empowering one person can lead to financial freedom for countless others within their circle. If you find yourself thinking that these possibilities seem unattainable, trust us when we say they are within your reach. All you need are the right experts at your disposal. Explore the remarkable benefits of our Rapid Restructure and Extreme Credit programs, which you can learn more about on our services page.

Email us at : Credit@CDMICredit.org

How To Get Started ?


Create an account with
Identity IQ for $1.00 provide us with a credit report with all three bureaus


Email us at : credit@cdmicredit.org with your Identity IQ information, your full contact information (Name, best time and number to contact you)


Call us to schedule a free credit consultation 888 551-5533

We are unlike the rest—Here’s why

We are not a Credit Repair company!.  Currently the two biggest credit repair companies in the country are being indicted for consumer fraud.  Unlike some credit repair companies, we use a permanent and legal technique called Debt Filtration as part of our Rapid Restructure Program.  We use strategic legal and administrative remedies to convince your creditors and the credit bureaus to restore your credit and eliminate your debt.  When they refuse to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) we invoice them for their violations of the FCRA, which means $1,000 per violation for you.  When they refuse to pay, we sue them. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/judge-rules-case-against-equifax-brought-by-dr-michael-c-grayson-and-credit--debt-management-institute---can-proceed-301647914.html
The credit system changes annually you need experts who have a proven track record of success.  The process of scoring credit changed so much that unless they were on the inside, credit businesses were unprepared for what came next for one of three reasons:

They lack insider experience.

They are not experts indebt law, credit law, or financial engineering.

They don’t know the algorithm that creates credit scores.

Many of them are still using outdated methods. In short, they lack the intellectual capital to adapt, which spells trouble for consumers and companies with credit and debt management issues. 

That’s where we come in. 

Let us show you how to hack your credit and debt issues today.

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