Navigating our very complex post global meltdown Credit score driven financial world.

We understand how the credit industry works

we have the worlds leading expert on the subject.

Dr. Michael C. Grayson

  • Dr. Michael C. Grayson was awarded two leadership wards under the Bush administration.
    Under the Obama administration, he wrote an expert paper “How credit impacts leading economic indicators”

  • Testified before congress, worked with the house committee on small business, and worked with leaders in congress in reference to credit market impacts.

  • Advised Gov. Cuomo, N.Y.C Housing Authority, SBA, and Dormitory Authority of NYS. NYS WMBE along with local Mayors.

  • Advised leading corporations and banks on credit and lending. Ford, Chase, Amalgamated Bank, Capital One

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How can you get rid of Bad Debt Legally and Permanently?

Our plan includes Debt Filtration. Our Debt Filtration Program combines 80 different Debt Cancelation Laws, Debt Forgiveness Programs, Hardship Programs, and Fresh Start Programs into one easy to use program. Never heard of debt filtration before? Don’t worry you are not alone. Debt filtration is a closely guarded industry secret. It would take you 50 years to master all 80 debt filters. Most companies only understand one or two of these complex systems.

Never has anyone put all of these programs under one roof. By combining these programs, it is possible to eliminate up to 100% of your bad debt without payment. Remember the bailout of the S&L’s, the Mortgage Industry, the Auto Manufactures, the Insurance Industry ?Well, we are pleased to announce that the government offers Americans a bailout as well. The only problem is no one ever takes advantage of the bailouts like student loan forgiveness because they don’t even know they exist. And even if they knew they existed, they don’t know how to use them.

Who are we?

We are CDMI, the World’s Leading Credit Experts.

We can help you do this. Financial literacy is like a
ripple in a pond. One person’s empowerment can
affect the financial freedom of so many others around them. 

And if any of this seems out of reach, trust us—it isn’t.
You just need the proper tools. (Think debt management
not credit repair). Think Rapid Restructure…you can learn
more about this on our services page. 

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We are unlike the rest—here’s why

In the year 2000, the U.S. and most of the industrialized world changed the way it calculated credit scores for consumers and businesses alike. The new system is radically different from the old—which is bad news for those needing help with credit and debt management. 

The process of scoring credit changed so much that unless they were on the inside, credit businesses were unprepared for what came next for one of three reasons:

They lack insider experience.

They are not experts indebt law, credit law, or financial engineering.

They don’t know the algorithm that creates credit scores.

Many of them are still using outdated methods. In short, they lack the intellectual capital to adapt, which spells trouble for consumers and companies with credit and debt management issues. 

That’s where we come in. 

Let us show you how to hack your credit and debt issues today.

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We are working on proprietary software

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