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Our story

 In 2000, industry expert Dr. Michael C. Grayson created CDMI, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. We provide various financial assistance tools run by a team of results-driven experts.  

His goal has been to advocate for consumers in his community in need of credit repair, amongst other financial issues. 

CDMI does this by providing you or your church, organization, small business or even your community as a whole with the debt management plan to help you gain the intellectual capital you need. 

This intellectual capital is a must for navigating this complex, post-global meltdown and FICO-driven financial environment we have entered into. 

CDMI has served as an important force that has shaped credit-driven technologies. Those technologies have helped us foster economic growth. 

CDMI currently holds all three records


The World’s Highest Credit Score


The Fastest Credit Turnaround


The Most Deletions in a Single Dispute

How can you become debt-free?

Our revolutionary proprietary credit algorithm and innovative programs give you unlimited access to capital—and effectively, —through perfect credit and trade line management.

With CDMI’s revolutionary technology, you can eliminate, control, maintain, restore, and/or enhance your credit score at will. You can become a credit expert and empower an entire group to obtain perfect credit.

We can even help you level out the aggregate perfect credit score you that you need.

Credit change begins today . Contact us today to get started.

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