Credit Programs

Credit Programs

What solutions do we provide?

We at CDMI are the pioneers of Rapid Restructure Technology(RRT) which encompasses Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Consumer Credit Counselling, Debt Consolidation, and Credit Repair in the New Credit System.

This comprehensive solution cleans your credit, eliminates your debt and builds your credit score all at once.

Why credit repair doesn’t cut it

In the new credit system, a paid charge-off scores the same as an unpaid charge-off. A satisfied judgment scores the same as an unsatisfied judgment. Getting rid of these is the main aim of credit repair companies, and it isn’t helping your score.

Needless to say, if you are still using credit repair then you’re buying disappointment.

Can you really wait up to seven years to buy a house, get anew car, or that promotion you’ve been working toward? Can you wait that long to save your business, get a grant, borrow the money you need, get a loan for higher education?

Whatever your goal or dream is, stop waiting. You can achieve it now.

How does Rapid Restructure work?

Restructure is going to change the world forever. So, understanding how it works is key. This debt management program has four basic components: 

Debt Filtration
Strategic Credit Restoration & Development Score Enhancement Algorithm
Acquisition Based Compliance 

We think it’s important for you to understand the abovecomponents, so we’ve given a little summary of each below.

Debt filtration—an industry secret

Never heard of debt filtration before?  Don’t worry—you’re not alone.

It’s a closely guarded industry secret, and it would take a person 50 years to master all 50 debt filters. Most companies only understand one or two of these complex systems.

So, what is it?

Debt filtration is one of the most revolutionary components of our Rapid Restructure process.  It is the science of eliminating debts legally and permanently, without payment.

That’s right—legal and permanent debt elimination.

Our plan includes a Debt Filtration Program, which combines50 different Debt Cancelation Laws, Debt Forgiveness Programs, Hardship Programs, and Fresh Start Programs into one easy to use program.

Never before has anyone put all of these debt management programs under one roof. By combining these programs, you can eliminate up to 100% of your bad debt without payment.

Surprised? What a lot of people don’t realize is that America is in the debt forgiveness business.

Remember the bailout of the S&L’s, the Mortgage Industry, the Auto Manufactures, and the Insurance Industry, to name a few?

The government offers Americans a bailout, too. The problem is that people don’t often take advantage of the bailout option because they don’t even know it exists.

And if they did, they wouldn’t know how to use it.

Strategic Credit Restoration & Development

Our Strategic Credit Restoration & Development process cleans your credit using a FICO- based system. This system is customized to your specific credit requirements—unlike credit repair, where you simply use a generic dispute that is often blocked by the credit bureaus, anyway.  

Without citing specific reasons, corresponding evidence, or laws to justify the removal of the specific item the credit bureaus will simply verify the dispute or even worse, they will mark your dispute frivolous. 

SCR is the most powerful form of credit correction out there. It requires administrative remedies prior to the dispute process. These remedies generate the necessary reasons, corresponding evidence or laws which warrant the removal of any derogatory item. 

In other words, we get it done in ways simple credit repair services cannot.

Score Enhancement Algorithm

The new credit scoring system is based on complex algorithms that convert your credit report data into a numerical value. That numerical value is based on five (5) components.

In order to affect positive change in this new system, it takes an algorithm that can adjust your credit against the same components that are evaluated by the new credit scoring system.

CDMI is partnered with the inventor of that algorithm.

We use it to keep your scores at inception level. Once you lock in your score with one of our plans the SEA goes to work for you.

Acquisition Based Compliance

We are not a credit repair company and we are not affiliated with any credit repair or debt consolidation companies. Our process is designed to help you maintain your access to capital—that’s what makes us different.

As such, it is important to first know what the necessary ingredients are to acquire capital.

We happen to have the entire recipe.

We use this “recipe” to pre-underwrite your credit so that you can always be pre-approved for any loan you apply for. This pre-underwriting process is what makes our plans unique and give you the services that make a difference.

We live in a world where your prosperity is controlled by your credit. Now, you finally have the tools to control and maintain access to the American Dream.

Get in touch today and let us empower your community together.

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