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How to get an 850 credit score

The Grayson Method

Our research proved that in order to obtain the 850 credit score your credit report must contain no derogatory entries.

If you are trying to borrow money and you have very good credit scores but have still experienced difficulties getting approved, then this is probably a concern.

Consequently, this is the first place we start.

One of the primary reasons that we are able to achieve such extreme results that other companies have failed to replicate is because we employ the Grayson Method.

The Grayson Method is a comprehensive process that guarantees the removal of every negative item on your credit report.

This system is implemented in phases to ensure the most cost-effective correction methodology has been chosen for your particular circumstance.

Each method has its particular pros and cons which we will explore in this brief introduction.

Ultimately you are in control of your credit enhancement process, so feel free to give us your input on how you would like us to proceed at any step in the process.

There are five processes that we can use to remove derogatory items.

  1. Scrubbing
  2. Administrative Remedies
  3. Pay per Deletion
  4. Settlement
  5. Legal Remedy


For most people, this is typically what they believe is the entire credit repair process.  For most companies in the credit repair business, this is their only strategy and once they exhaust this strategy they can offer no further solutions.  For us this is the starting point.

Using this method we can eliminate 40-90% of all of your derogatory credit on average.  This process usually takes 90 days or less, but can take longer depending on your particular credit situation.

Upon request, we will try up to three scrubs before moving on to a different strategy.  This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to eliminate derogatory items from your credit.  Our scrub process is the most effective in the country. However, once this process proves ineffective or too time-consuming then it is time to move on to more aggressive techniques.

Your initial program fee covers the cost of unlimited credit scrubs until such time as the desired score is reached.  Usually, we can achieve the desired score through the scrub process, however, in some cases, this strategy may exceed the 90-day standard.

Administrative Remedies

Once you and your agent have agreed that a more aggressive program is needed the next step is using an administrative remedy. Each remedy is customized to the creditor and the individual circumstances.  Please complete the aggressive remedy worksheet so that we can proceed with this very successful strategy.

We do not start with this strategy because some items will be removed without taking it to this level.  Also in some cases this will result in an additional fee, our job is to minimize all additional cost.  Furthermore, we try to limit exposure to our methodologies so that it insures maximum effectiveness.

Once our strategies become commonplace or published on the internet the creditors will not take them as seriously as they should.  This is why we customize each letter that goes out during this strategy.  This step will add consistent pressure to the creditor to force them to do the right thing, which is to choose to stop reporting the negative item.

We will mail these administrative remedies directly to the creditor and give them 2 weeks to respond.  Please forward all mail received during this phase to your agent immediately.

Also please inform your agent if your creditor fails to responds so that the agent can increase the pressure.  This is the final strategy that does not involve any extra financial commitment from the client.  This step will take an additional 3- 6 months.

Pay Per Deletion

At any time during the cleansing process you can advise your agent that you would like to employ a pay per deletion strategy on any given item.

At that time we will offer to pay the creditor a stipend in exchange for agreeing to stop reporting that negative item.

Typically this stipend will be in the amount of 1-10% of the debt owed.

This amount is paid in a onetime lump sum settlement.

This method takes less than 30 days to complete.  If time is important to you and we have already done at least three scrubs then this is the method that you should strongly consider.


Once we have exhausted all of the free remedies it is time to consider a settlement for all of those debts that you have not paid.

If you try a settlement on your own or through another company usually all you do is buy bad credit.

When we settle your accounts for you we insure that the creditor stops reporting the negative item, which means that you are buying good credit.

We only advocate settlement for those clients who are in a hurry to restore their credit and do not have the time to continue options one and two.  This process takes less than 30 days.  Prepare to pay between 10-30% of the original debt.

Remember everyone else in the credit business will charge you 50% of the original debt; however we do not accept kick backs from your creditors.  We work for you to get the lowest possible settlement.

Legal Remedy

This is easily the most effective process that we offer.  Because we are experts in debt and credit law we can always guarantee a positive outcome with this process.

We have had so much overwhelming succes s with this process that we had done work for the head of the bar, many law firms, lawyers that offer foreclosure defense and many more.

This process has been extremely successful on all types of bad debts including judgments, garnishments, repossessions, charge offs, foreclosures and bank liens. The only reason we don’t simply take every credit issue to legal remedy from the start is that it would not be cost or time effective.  A legal remedy guarantees your success but it comes at a premium.

You must first pay our fee associated with this legal process in addition to the cost of your credit service, secondly you may incur a filling fee and finally you must attend at least two court appearances with each remedy.

After completing the credit correction process then we employ our proprietary algorithm to restructure your credit for maximum scoring.  Every month you are in our program you can sit back and watch your credit score increase.

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